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Welcome to Fitness Revolution

We invite you to experience a gym of the past.  It has been our experience that in this day and age, gyms and fitness centers have become an “Exercise” in, “How many different fads or gimmicks can we offer to distract you from the task at hand?” 

Well, Fitness Revolution is different.  We want you to be healthy.  We want you to feel good inside and out.  And most importantly, we want you to have fun.  The Fitness Revolution experience is one of personal attention more than anything.  Our staff wants you to get results but we want it done right.  We work with our members to put a routine together that works.  The routines are designed with your well being in mind.  We help you to focus on areas that are your concerns, not ours, and allow you to decide on the length of a workout.  But in the long run we are advisers and teachers and strive to help you achieve your goals without hurting yourself or getting bored.  Fitness Revolution is locally owned and operated.  We don’t charge registration fees or make you sign a contract.  Our memberships are flexible and we work with you to fit your schedule.  The past has returned.  We offer you state-of-the art equipment and personal attention. Come in and workout in a gym that cares about its members and realizes that you are not a number. 

The Revolution is here, it’s changing your Direction…Embrace it!!!

We look forward to helping you,
Jamie and Kristin