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After my first six weeks working out at Fitness Revolution, I lost several pounds and lowered my total cholesterol 49 points. The equipment is state of the art, the classes are fun, effective, energizing, and the personnel are well trained, friendly and supportive !
A Healthy, Happy Gym Rat

I am a 75 year old male that was diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease over five years ago. I joined the Fitness Revolution gym over a year ago and from the very first session, I was greeted with a smile and a genuine interest in my welfare.
I have been training with Jamie three times a week and it has made a tremendous difference in my dexterity and balance. My neighbors, friends and family have even commented on my improved balance, walking and other physical functions. I owe this to the dedication and guidance that Jamie has given me during our training sessions.
The establishments is always kept clean and all of exercise equipment is new and maintained in the best of condition, however, the best feature of the Fitness Revolution is the attitude of caring that the staff gives to it's members. I thank you for helping me achieve an improved overall wellness.
Herb von Thaden
Orleans, MA

I want to let you know how much you have changed my life. I now look forward to going to the gym to work out and have never felt better. I wanted to get in shape for my daughter Erin's wedding in September and did not want to turn 55 in the shape I was in.
Erin's twin sister Megan gave me a gift certificate for Father's Day which has been the best gift I have ever received. Every other day I sneak away from the Inn and get on the bike for an hour. I then do a circuit on the machines and feel terrific when I finish. The facility is the best I have ever seen. It is clean , bright and welcoming. I thought we had the nicest bathrooms on the Cape until I saw yours. You and your staff are the most supportive and helpful I have ever encountered.
Thank you for giving the Orleans area the best in fitness. I am proud to be a member of Fitness Revolution and look forward to ever improving success.
Ed Maas
Orleans Inn

There are fitness centers and then there are fitness centers.
What makes the Fitness Revolution different are a few very important things:
1) The staff is young, enthusiastic, knowledgeable and friendly. There is hardly a moment when they are not working with clients of all ages, shapes and sizes on some aspect of fitness. I felt welcomed the minute I walked in the door.
2) The facility itself is spotless and hygienic. No dirty towels lying around. No paper cups on the floor. The locker room is cleaner than my bathroom at home.
3) The facility is large, spacious, high-ceilinged and bright. I'm a big guy, and don't like to feel that I'm crowded into a small space.
My initial membership is about to expire. I'll be renewing before it does.
Dan McCullough - Orleans

Dear Jamie,
This just a note of "Thanks!". I am sixty-four years old and in the best shape of my life. With your patience, guidance, and help; I have found an exercise routine that I look forward to doing every day. Exercise has become the foundation of my activity each day. I begin each day in the gym, and I look forward to it.
I did not always feel at ease in a gym. When I told you that, you worked with me in small steps. We started with only thirty minutes at a time. We did only a few machines or exercises at a time. Now I have two regular routines (about one hour each) plus two alternate routines.
Weight has been an issue in my life for as long as I can remember. Today I weigh less than I have in fifteen years. I am still a work in progress because my ideal weight is still twenty pounds away. You have counseled me on eating - I have not always listened, but I did make progress.
I love the feeling that you are there, and you care about me. I love it when I enter the gym an you greet me once again "Thank you!" I wish you good health and prosperity.
Alice Hagopian

- "Technogym in the world's second largest maker of exercise equipment..."
- " Technogym is taking a page from the Italian fashion industry, focusing on reputation, cachet and flair, celebrating customers like Sylvester Stallone, Madonna and George Clooney."
- "Technogym is haute couture, in terms of design, comfort and ergonomics, it's the best."
New York Times - Thursday July 3, 2008

Where on Cape Cod can you find a gym that offers:

  • An affordable membership
  • Flexible payment plans
  • A free training session with each new membership
  • Personal attention from the owners
  • State of the art exercise equipment
  • A diverse range of members
  • And finally, little amenities such as workout towels, free mints and much more.

FITNESS REVOLUTION is where I never thought that I would have fun at a gym; but most of the time I do. I highly recommend Fitness Revolution to anyone who wants to get fit or stay fit. It is the tops thanks to Jamie!